Diversity Statement

The promotion of diversification and inclusion in the research of engineering is one of the commitments of our lab. We recognize that, historically, many universities have systematically marginalized some groups, which has led to a long-running lack of opportunities, in the form of diminished access to education and research experiences. We work collaboratively within our department and the university to address this enormous problem and help right the wrongs of the past.

The leading principles of our lab:

  • We recognize the lived experience of group members from historically marginalized groups. Our lab is comprised of members from diverse backgrounds who have had incredibly different experiences prior to joining our team. We encourage lab members from majority populations to reflect on how their experiences may have inadvertently contributed to the persistence of systematic injustice.
  • Mutual respect is our foundation. Respect forms a common basis for understanding, building trust, and a strong scientific environment. Disrespectful actions and attitudes within the group are not tolerated, and we seek to create an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable in expressing their viewpoints. We always seek to avoid wasting our research resources, which could limit opportunities for others.
  • Diversity is an enormous advantage in scientific research. We seek diversity of all forms, which infuses our research with new ideas, directions and solutions to challenging scientific problems. Respectful, inquisitive minds from all walks of life, all countries, and all racial and cultural backgrounds are welcome. We also welcome respectful disagreement and dissent, which is a hallmark of scientific reasoning and progress.
  • Equity and inclusion are forefront. Everyone in the group has a seat at the table and contributes to decision making. Resources like funds for personal computers and conference travel are distributed equitably, transparently, and when necessary on the basis of mutually agreed upon work outcomes. Our group is committed to maximizing inclusivity and we reflect on ways that we can ensure everyone in the group feels included. We seek ways to use group resources to support not only our scientific mission, but also our goal of increasing access to education and research in our fields.
  • Transparent accountability is an essential driving force. We discuss the power imbalances and accompanying moral hazard that are intrinsic to training relationships within academia. Everyone in the group is mutually accountable to our shared mission and all are encouraged to speak up about issues of concern. We provide multiple venues for sharing concerns to ensure everyone feels safe in doing so. Everyone in the group is encouraged to use their platforms and positions of leadership for positive influence across scientific communities, disciplines and professional societies.